Our Vision

Every Laurens County child will enter school healthy and ready to succeed.


To find and empower parents and caregivers to effectively serve as their child’s first teacher, increasing heir potential to succeed in school and beyond.


CHILDREN – From prenatal development through age five, our focus and priority are young children and their families and caregivers.

HIGH QUALITY – We ensure that our programs and services are culturally-responsive, inclusive, and developmentally-appropriate and are delivered with fidelity to the model being implemented. Our products, services, and operations are marked by excellence.

RELATIONSHIPS – We cultivate positive, supportive, respectful, and reinforcing
interactions between people that shape development, build community,
increase success and productivity, foster learning and growth, and affirm the
unique value of individuals, caregivers, parents and children.

Laurens County First Steps Staff

Toni Able, Executive Director

Lisa Crisp – Parent Educator

Kathryn Meadows, Part-time Parent Educator, Director of Child Care Provider Training

Partnership Board

  • Kena Cox, Chair
  • Laurie Counterman, Secretary
  • Jervelle Fort
  • JC Whitmire
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Renita Barksdale
  • Olivia Crotts
  • Michelle Stallworth
  • Amanda Brewington
  • Betsy Washam
  • Beverly Powell
  • Janice Farmer

If you are interested in serving on the Laurens County First Steps Board of Directors, please reach out to erable@laurens55.org.